Elite Quarterback Training

Do You Have What It Takes?


We will cater our workouts to focus on the needs of each individual quarterback. Each quarterback’s process of development is unique. We will focus on the following:


  • Throwing Mechanics – properly using 3 Power Sources
  • Pocket Presence – creating game-like situations
  • Various Drops (Under Center & Gun)
  • Footwork & Foot Speed
  • Balance Maintenance
  • Visual Connection -tying your eyes with your feet
  • On-the-Run Throws
  • Off-Platform Throws
  • Leadership Building
  • Understanding Routes & Concepts

Running Backs 

  • Understanding Alignment and Stance for competitive advantage
  • Footwork for balance and burst
  • Run game strategies and mastering techniques for both zone and gap schemes.
  • Movements strategies for optimized Power Cuts, Jump Cut and Burst
  • Ball Security and YAC (yards after contact)
  • Catching the ball out of the backfield.
  • Pass Protection Technique for both Zone and Man Blocking Schemes
  • Learning to FINISH runs – Maximize each carry!


Coming Soon

Classroom Sessions are vital for any quarterback looking to be at their best. Quarterbacks that have a high football IQ have a major advantage over their opponents because they recognize what the defense presents and how to attack it.

A quarterback’s mind is his greatest asset! We will teach our Quarterbacks:

  • Identification of Defensive Personnel, Fronts and Coverages
  • QB Recognition Protocol
  • Coverage Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Offensive Attack for each Encountered Defense
  • Proper Conception and Communication of Defenses
  • Development of Leadership Skills
  • Recall of Progressions


Location: 10 Week Program, Every Sunday 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Capital Sportsplex

Time: 6:00PM – 7:00PM


Athelets must bring their Cleats, Football and Water.